How do ya end a night after
a raucous bus ride, loads-o-booze
& 3 Rockin bands???

Apparently you disembowl a pink stuffed bear
that was one of the give-aways during our set.
As you can see below, someone really
wanted a pink teddy to wear home.
There was a fire as well . . . not quite sure
how it started . . . but it grabbed the neighbor's
attention & they ran over & extinguished it.
Over all, a really good night!

The bus ride home wasn't so bad.
A bunch of us were talkin',
some were sleepin',
and some were doing things
in the back that I really
don't want to discuss right now.
I'm just glad we bought
those wide mouth bottles,
if ya know what I mean.

Hopefully we can put another one
of these field trips together,
keep yer eyes open for it!