Bondo A-Go-Go at the Beat Kitchen

What a Bill!  The
Go-Go's, ZZ Top,
Black Sabbath &
Ziggy Stardust and
the Spiders from Mars!
All on the same stage!
Everyone got quite a
treat that evening at
the Beat Kitchen.

Unfortunately there
wasn't any suitable
audio captured that
night so you'll just
have to imagine our
charged-up versions of
Vacation, We Got the
Beat, Head Over Heals
and Our Lips Are Sealed.  Try humming the tunes while viewin'
these pictures.  It might help.  Or it might give ya nightmares - none of the tests have been conclusive to date.


Belinda & the girls
woulda been proud!
Well, then again
mebbe terrified,
shocked & appalled
would be a better way
to describe it, but
we sure did look good!
Hmmm, maybe terrified,
shocked & appalled fits
here too . . .

Regardless!  It was a
blast!  Thanks to all
y'all who came out.
Hope you prize winners
are still cherishing your
goodies. We'll catch ya
with even bigger
surprises next

See Ya! - Bondo