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Coll site... Counters are confusing... Later!
PHolden <>
Bloomfield, MI USA
Thu Aug 14 17:32:12 GMT 1997
Spam, spam, spam, spam!!
Monty Python <>
Fri Jun 20 01:08:15 GMT 1997
Taking the Advance Web Class May 12-14. Lot of good content!! Hope to digest and apply it in the weeks following.
Charles R. Gelletly <>
Plymouth, MI USA
Wed May 14 10:00:33 GMT 1997
HI from bob...
Bob <>
plymouth, mi USA
Tue May 13 19:32:36 GMT 1997
Well, here is another comment. Again, just trying out the guestbook. It seems to be working fine, and I'll check back later to make sure...
Craig Strickland <>
Plymouth, MI USA
Fri May 09 22:37:04 GMT 1997
Well, thanx for inviting me to sign you guestbook. You have a very cool web site. Talk 2 U soon....
Craig Strickland <>
Plymouth, MI USA - , 09, 1997 at 15:40:05 ()