the word on the street is . . .

This is really good.
And I am more surprised than anybody.
Sure, there are horns that creep into the songs every now and then and hurt my ears a little bit. And there is nothing inventive instrumentally, but it sure is loud.

"Grunt Big for Daddy" is good.  "Just Wanna Get Horny" is good. "Don't Touch my Bourbon" is excellent. "Baby Sitter" is the kind of song Jarvis Cocker might write if he were from Chicago and not such a candy ass.

The album is a little bit reminiscent of Reverend Horton Heat, actually, except that I vastly prefer Bondo. This project was clearly put together on a shoe string, but the production and sound quality
is excellent and the songs are good.

What else do you need to know?  Buy it.

Ron Provine of "A Different Kind of Greatness" e-zine.

If anyone ever needs a reason why alcohol can be a good thing, just make 'em listen to Bondo's "Fistful Of Biscuits." This heavy blues-based rock album is chock full of odes to drinking (think George Thoroughgood on steroids). But these guys aren't limited to the world of booze. They also branch off into sex. Bondo isn't trying to change the world or explore new musical gound. But they've provided an excellent album that celebrates just having fun.

With such deep profundities like, "there's only two things worth fighting for. One comes in a bottle, the other one's truth. Thing is, that bottle can change the truth." from "Don't Touch my Bourbon," you know exactly where these guys stand. They just want to have fun and they want the listener to do the same. And Bondo backs up their message with some great music. You can't help but tap your foot along as you throw back shots.

The musicianship throughout the album is rock-solid. From the guitars to the horns, Bondo knows exactly what they need to do to foster the festive atmosphere. The only lull at the party happens during "Angels Drove Me Home. " Although a decent song, it breaks the pace of the album.

The production of the album is nicely done. The horns punctuate the music without overpowering the other instruments, while the strong vocals ride just above the musical fray. Having fun is what Bondo is all about, and they've provided a good time party soundtrack with "Fistful Of Biscuits"

A 100 proof album that goes down so smooth you don't even need a chaser.

Nutshell Review -


Liner notes are so key. The recent minimalist movement
to eliminate them doesn't necessarily take away from the music; it just slightly diminishes your understanding of it. Like with, say, the band
Bondo . You might read song titles like "Just Wanna Get Horny" or "Don't Touch My Bourbon" on the group's recent album, Fistful of Biscuits and be a bit confused as to the band's artistic aim. But all is good once you stumble upon the liner notes that read, "This album was intended for those with a sense of humor. Grab a cold one, grab a smoke, grab your neighbor, grab whatever you want and shake your ass, wiggle your hips, bob your head and hoot and hollar along with Bondo."

Ok, so on to the hooting and hollering...Bondo boasts that it's Chicago's favorite bar band, which pretty much sums it up. The sound is a bit intoxicated and a bit intoxicating. It's loud, unapologetic and occasionally borders on the breed of rock that facilitates punkish moshing.

The songs combine good old rock n' roll energy with lyrics that seems closer at times to folk-type ballads than to hard rock rantings. The tunes tell tales. And you can't miss it. "Don't Touch My Bourbon" begins by saying "Gonna tell a little story my grandpappy taught me many years ago/Said son, in this world there's only two things worth fighting for/one comes in a bottle, the other one is the truth./Thing is that bottle can change truth./That's why that bottle's gonna be around a lot longer."

Alcohol seems a guiding theme for Bondo. The band was formed a couple of years ago in a coachhouse in Roscoe Village. A group of guys would get together to "booze and BS the day away complainin' about their jobs, their lack of money, their women - or lack of women." Their tales of woe were often followed by a "wow, that would make a great song"-type response. And so Bondo came to be.

The band has since played around town at venues like Big Horse, Lounge Ax, Morseland and Beat Kitchen.


The Daily Dirt Says:

This week's MP3 is a special dedication to all those who found the raping of the deaf girl joke to be offensive. Yup, this is a special treat just for YOU! For all those who didn't find it offensive I know you will laugh your asses off at the expressed sentiments of Drivin' The Babysitter Home, followed by Fuck You I'm Drunk! Our featured artists, coming to you out of Chicago, call themselves Bondo. Aside from the great musical backdrop all of their songs are hilarious with or without a beer although I'm sure they will one day be the anthems of drunks the world wide.Cheers!

A few comments left behind by listeners . . .

On "Don't Touch My Bourbon"
         - Rockabilly!!!! How Cool!!!! That was a very interesting and original song.
            The lyrics were very cool and the rythym and groove were great. Its a very groovy
            twist on rock and rockabilly, and the heavy rythym part was even very punk when
            you get down to it.

          - George Thoroughgood would be, uuh,proud? So you like bourbon huh?
            It's quirky and strange, yet oh so quaint. For some reason I got thirsty
            while reveiwing this.

On "Just Wanna Get Horny"
         - Now this is how you make Iggy Proud! I dont know why the post punk generation
            hasn't realized that this is how to rock.. I hope you kick Blink 182's ass.

           - Mudhoney / Morphine! Really weird, really rawkin, You guys are probably fun as shit live!

On "Grunt Big for Daddy"
         - Give me that beat! listening to this song is like like eating cotton candy
           after you spray cheez wiz on it.

          - Angry hillbillies!  'strangely fun' is the thought that comes to mind as 'Oh My God'
           echoes through my head. Honestly, you don't know whether to go ahead and just pop
           the cyanide pill or move closer to the speakers. One thing is for sure you'll have a
           hard time finding a worthy competitor because these guys stand in a
           category all their own.


On "Babysitter"
          - This song is really good, it sorta sounds like the vandals with some horns in there

          - Although Im not a big horn fan its actually a pretty good song!

So, blah, blah, blah . . .
not sure what all this means,
but folks seem to like it.

Why not c'mon out & see us for yourself.
C'mon out & have some fun!!!

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